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The Ora*Cappella Home Page

David Saslav
Founder and Conductor
Senior Fusion Middleware Solution Architect
Oracle Commercial Technology Sales
Northern California

Rehearsals are every Tuesday from 12:00 until 1:00 PM in the Oracle Building 300 Lobby by the Steinway piano

Required Music:

In the Mood, Blackwell and Carter, eds.
The Oxford Book of English Madrigals, Philip Ledger, ed.
The freely available choral compositions of David Saslav
Assorted Sheet Music, as distributed by David Saslav (2op508) at rehearsals.

Ora*Cappella is Oracle's employee-based a cappella singing group, open to all Oracle employees who are interested in singing great choral music at lunchtime. It was founded in 1993 by four Oracle employees who could sightsing classical music, and thought it completely appropriate to combine music and the workplace. Oracle employees continuously find inspiration from the beauty of their campus, the positive encouragement of management, and the gracious donation of a Steinway grand piano to the lobby of one of our buildings. Several employees can attest to the warm reception they were given by managers who shared their interests in music.

Known at the time as "The SQL*Notes", the group was invited to perform at Network Associates Coliseum as finalists in the 1994 National Anthem Singing Contest, and has performed at numerous on-campus and off-campus events.